How did it start? 


Walltime is a team of Marta, Ania and Tomek, as well as the artists who cooperate with us. Together, following global trends and looking for a fresh perspective on interior design, we create original artistic wallpapers that cannot be ignored. 

We are interior architects. We work actively in our profession and it was in response to the needs of our clients, who were looking for something more than just an ordinary wall decoration, that we started creating our own original wallpapers. We are supported by young, ambitious artists who are just taking their first steps on the professional path. Thanks to them, our designs are unique with a fresh look and interesting production methods, as well as an unconventionality and creativity that cannot be found in mass production. 

Walltime is a small manufactory, where "quality" is always preferred to "quantity". This is why every single one of our projects is perfected down to the smallest detail and sewed up. All our designs are hand-made and then they undergo light graphic processing to create a tailor-made design for our demanding customers. Thanks to our own production we have the possibility to control every stage of the design creation, and we are also able to personalise the design according to the Customer's guidelines. 

Our wallpapers combine what we value most - originality, individual approach to the subject and high quality of workmanship. Every day we go beyond the usual schemes to prove that wallpaper is much more than a piece of material glued to the wall. The passion that we put into Walltime projects and our creativity are the best recipe for our artistic wallpapers to change interiors and inspire people. 


Welcome to the creative world of Walltime!