1. Bank transfer


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ING 46 1050 1399 1000 0092 7031 6707

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ul. Jaśkowicka 15 
43-100 Tychy


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2 Payment via DotPay system

Walltime.pl shop uses DotPay service for secure online payments. After placing your order, selecting the option "on-line payment" and indicating the selected payment channel, you will be redirected to the secure pages of DotPay service. After payment and successful authorisation by DotPay service, your order status in the shop will be changed by our employee. Dotpay payments are a safe, fast and commission-free transaction from your account.

Dotpay.pl is the safest online payment system. The use of the latest technology and rigorous procedures makes Dotpay recognised as the best service supporting online payment transactions of online shops.