1. The Seller shall not be liable for slight discrepancies of the delivered goods from the offered goods. In case of photo wallpaper prints, posters and stickers, minor colour discrepancies in comparison with the colour seen on the screen and with the colour of the samples ordered as well as discrepancies resulting from surface differences of the materials are technically and manufacturingly impossible to avoid. Such discrepancies shall not entitle the customer to lodge a complaint.
  2. In order to get a better idea of the Walltime products on offer, the buyer can order a sample print of the wallpaper for 50 PLN (incl. postage). The sample size is 50x50cm.
  3. The materials used to manufacture the products offered by the Seller shall be generally available in the industry. In the case of prints, inks, materials, resistance to light, etc., the responsibility applies only to the average durability of the products in question. Prints are not waterproof without additional finishing.
  4. The Purchaser is obliged to check the goods immediately after they are delivered. If any defects are found, the Purchaser should immediately report them in writing to the Seller's e-mail address. If the Purchaser did not report the defects within 3 days from the delivery of the goods, the goods shall be deemed accepted.
  5. In case of errors in the processing of the order, i.e. wrong dimensions, wrong fitting of pieces, lack of laminate (if it was ordered). The shop guarantees the exchange of the goods for proper goods, provided that the production errors are reported within 10 days from the date of delivery.
  6.  In case of errors in the implementation of the order, mismatching patterns or colours between the blocks, complaints should be lodged before the application on the wall - by taking pictures and sending them to the following e-mail address:
  7. 7.Products which are the subject of the complaint should be sent back by regular parcel together with the sales document (receipt, invoice) and a note explaining the reason for the complaint. After accepting the complaint, the cost of sending the package back will be refunded.
  8. Any parcels sent at the expense of online shop will not be accepted.
  9. Before placing the purchased product you should carefully check all of its parameters and its compliance with the Order (dimensions, number of blocks, matching blocks, laminate, graphics quality). Any discrepancies must be reported to the Seller before installation. If the process of placing the wallpaper, sticker, poster or picture for individual placing is started or finished (which means that the product cannot be sent back to us in an intact state), the possibility of claiming defects that should have been detected before the mounting works is not entitled.
  10. The Purchaser who reports a defect shall be obliged, at the request of the Seller to send the defective product to carry out the complaint process. It is considered that the Seller is obliged to complete the complaint process as soon as possible within a maximum period of 14 days. Completion of the process means stating the position and is counted from the time of delivery of the goods. In the event of failure by the Seller to comply with the specified time limit, the Purchaser shall be entitled to terminate the Contract and demand refund of the amount paid for the Order.
  11. Damages resulting from improper or inconsistent actions of the Purchaser during installation or use of the goods shall not constitute the basis for claims against the Seller. Incorrect or inconsistent actions are specified in the information provided by the manufacturer of the goods.


The full content of the regulations of WALLTIME.PL