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In our projects we follow global trends, we are in constant contact with our customers and we started creating wallpapers for them. Our wallpapers combine what we value most: originality, individual approach to the theme and durability of the materials we work with. We are a small manufactory and all our designs are handmade, then they undergo a light graphic processing. Thanks to our own production, we have control over every stage of the process. On your request we can personalise the pattern and adapt the wallpaper to your individual wall dimensions. 

Our wallpapers are made of vinyl on interlining material, which is characterised by durability, resistance to scratching, washing and negative UV radiation. An additional advantage is its quick and easy installation. Our wallpapers have all the necessary attestations and certificates required for safe use. An additional laminate option provides increased resistance of the wallpaper to mechanical damage, water and abrasion.

Special order
Designed to meet your needs?

We meet your needs and offer the possibility of special orders. If the surface intended for wallpaper has unusual dimensions or proportions, this proposal is just for you! As we are the manufacturer of our wallpapers we can change the colours and tones of the whole wallpaper or specific graphic elements. Before printing your wallpaper you will receive a cost calculation and visualisation of the chosen graphics. All special orders are connected with additional payment and will be priced individually. Please send enquiries to our email: hello@walltime.pl

Order a wallpaper sample
Can't decide?

You can order a sample of your chosen wallpaper, printed on the material you are interested in. It will help to eliminate your doubts related to the structure of the material or the colours of the wallpaper in reality. Wallpaper sample size 30x40cm.

Próbka 30x40cm - tapeta o strukturze płótna
Próbka 30x40cm - tapeta o strukturze prążkowanej
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